Welcome to the Unit Four context study. Our text is The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif. There is holiday homework for you to complete for the start of next term. It is definitely helpful to know a bit about what has gone on in Afghanistan for the last thirty years or so in order to understand the text better. Ms. Sgroi has provided a fantastic link for this kind of background. You will come across this information as part of reading the text as well.

Holiday homework will be emailed after the SAC but can be accessed here now if you are keen.

Also, make an effort to read newspapers every week for news stories relating to encountering conflict. Look for reporting and opinion relating to refugees and asylum seekers. Today's editorial from The Age (20/6/13) is useful.Two more articles from last year are attached.

Rugmaker quotes.

Some useful page references for The Rugmaker: p. 148-9, p151, p153-4 p.181-182.