The focus of the context study is to explore what it means to encounter conflict so that students can produce their own writing about it. This page has not been updated for 2013 yet. Ignore references to The Crucible.

Are you writing practice essays? Make sure that your SAC is not the first context essay you write!

Consider the parallels between The Crucible and this recent news story. A Sri Lankan woman, found to be a genuine refugee and living in the community in Melbourne has been arrested for being a security threat and will be held in indefinite detention with her two sons with no right to have her case reviewed.

Imaginative sample essay.

Reflective statement (also known as 'Statement of explanation' or Statement of intention.')

Here is the summary of the 'Conflict Resolution' DVD.

Here is the PowerPoint with the prompts from today's lesson.
Assessment sheet, SAC cover sheet and plan guidelines are attached.