Language analysis is one of the sections of the exam. Students need to keep developing and practising these skills all year. Read opinion pieces and practise identifying contention, tone and persuasive language. Have something to say about how the writer uses language to persuade the reader to accept the contention. You can read the opinion pages of The Age and The Herald Sun. Editorials, letters to the editor and comment pieces are all opinion.

Whenever I have time I will put opinion pieces on this page with a sample analysis. I will leave a space at the end of the article so that you have to 'page down' to see it. This means you can think about how you would respond yourself before you look at what I have written. First one is about performance pay for teachers - now why would I find that interesting?

Second analysis. Read the article then open the analysis file.

No time to write a whole analysis at the moment, so instead, I'll give you a phrase to think about. In The Age, Caroline Wilson described athlete (runner) John Steffensen as 'a maniacal narcissist.' What is the persuasive impact of this use of language?

Also, an article about victims of sexual abuse contained this statement from a victim, explaining that it is important for victims to be heard. 'The abuse is the snakebite. The venom is the shame, the silence, the secrecy. To talk about it is the antidote.' (The Age, 27/7/12). What would you write about this use of language?